Transforma 3 for percussion and electronics


Duration: 5'10"





The piece was written for any percussion kit. The notes are precisely notated, but one can also have a freer approach to them. The rhythms are more about variable density, the notes move across the polyline, but the performer has a lot of freedom here actually playing different instruments or hitting fewer instruments with variable articulation/color.

As the composition develops, an additional polyline appears in the score. Initially there are few notes on it, but after some time the voice intensifies and the upper polyline becomes less important. Rhythms and timbres begin to intermingle.

The miniature is complemented by electronics, which form a background for the performer without entering into a dialogue with him. The electronics include the sounds of instrumentation developed from the sounds of heavy metal strikes.


List of performances:


25 October

Wrocław (PL), Aula Ossolineum, International Conference Souls and Funds

Adam Bonk – percussion, Paweł Hendrich – electronics


Transforma 3

29 kwietnia 2022