Transforma 1 for violin and cello


Duration: 11"15





Transforma 1 is a piece for violin and cello written for the Austrian Duo Skweres (Yui Iwata-Skweres and Tomasz Skweres). The piece consists of four modules: three of them are duets, the second one contains a violin solo inside, and the fourth one is a fragment for cello solo. The idea of the piece, which is also referred to in the title, is that these modules can be put together, or transformed, in a specific way. This allows the piece to be performed in various formal configurations. Due to the outstanding level of the soloists' playing, the piece bears the hallmarks of a virtuoso composition, in which the sounds of both instruments are explored, using many extended techniques.

Commissioned by ZAiKS the Polish Society of Authors and Composers.


List of performances:


15 November

Wrocław (PL), Centrum Innowacji PRZEJŚCIE

Duo Skweres (Yui Iwata-Skweres – violin, Tomasz Skweres – cello)


25 October

Wrocław (PL), Aula Ossolineum, International Conference Souls and Funds

Danuta Sobik-Ptok cello


Transforma 1

29 kwietnia 2022


Photo by Dominika Hull