Prismiris for violin, viola and cello (2018)


Duration: 12’00”





The title of the work comes from two words: Greek πρίσμα (prisma – prism) and Latin iris (rainbow). Both words have a strong connection with optics. The first refers to dispersion, i.e. the phenomenon of light dispersion. The second one gave the name to the optical phenomenon – iridescence (irradiation).

Each of these phenomena influenced the content of the composition. The first – dispersion – became the basis for the creation of three different tempos of the beginning of the work – one for each of the musicians – and for the creation of the impression of dispersion (release) of the beam of individual parts in relation to the others. We feel that the violin plays at the fastest tempo, the viola at a slower one, and the cello at the slowest. The very beginning is marked by steady rhythms, de facto the same for each of the instruments, but at three different tempos, correlated with each other in a simple 2:3 and 3:4 ratio.

Against the background of these rhythms – as in the process of irritation – appear more and more ornaments, instrumental gestures, runs enriching the raw rhythmic part from the beginning of the piece. These ornaments sparkle more and more against the background of disappearing simple rhythms, like opalescent colors created as a result of iridescence on the multilayered surface of transparent or translucent bodies (e.g. pearl mass, gasoline stains or soap bubble) as a consequences of light interference.

Commissioned by the National Forum of Music (NFM)


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List of performances:


8 November

Wrocław (PL), National Forum of Music, The Chamber Hall

NFM Trio Smyczkowe Leopoldinum (Christian Danowicz – violin, Michał Micker – viola, Marcin Misiak – cello)



28 kwietnia 2022


Visualisation by Tomasz Strojecki

Photos by Grzegorz Mart