Phonarium II sound installation (2006)


Duration: depends on the lengths of the performance


Phonarium II is an expansion of previous installation called Phonarium I. It is also written in Max/MSP 4 as interactive and generative software but in this version the public – not performer – draws the curves into 4 tables representing main parameters such as: pitch, rhythmical density, velocity and timbral modulation. The sound is distributed into 8 speakers that stand along the twisting corridor. Moving from one speaker to another listener experiences the time and development of the music individually. Because of the fact that time is “exchange” in two-dimensional space, everyone moves differently and listens to the speakers in various order with different length. There is no common beginning or ending of the piece but everybody can have its own development. 


List of performances:


25 February

Wrocław (PL), BWA Gallery, Musica Polonica Nova


Phonarium II

24 lutego 2006