Osamotnienie(nie)... for ensemble (2020)

fl, hn, acc, vc, perc, el gtr, comp


Duration: 16’48”





The piece Osamotnienie(nie)... (Isolation(no)...) is an expression of respect for the people of Wrocław who were affected by Covid-19. The composer himself wrote about it – while still at the preliminary idea stage in 2020 – in this way:

"The source of the concept for the piece is the current pandemic situation and its associated constraints. As a society, for the first time in decades, we find ourselves in this kind of situation of widespread danger. Although it affects us all, each of us perceives it subjectively. The everyday fast-paced world favors extroverts, but now circumstances have changed - all of us (being forced into seclusion) have more opportunity for introverted reflection and analysis of the situation we find ourselves in. The theme of the piece will be the emotions felt during the pandemic by the inhabitants of Wrocław – the city that became one of the first outbreaks of the epidemic in Poland. On the stage we will hear sounds symbolizing rebellion against unwanted isolation, forced separation from loved ones, constant uncertainty and even fear.

During such extreme situations as a pandemic, it is best to see that Wrocław is, above all, the people who inhabit it, and not the urban buildings. And it is people that we miss the most when we have to stay in our homes for a long time. So the piece does not lack the thread of longing, which is also experienced by the composer – although we live close, in the same city, we cannot meet other people and have to rely on imperfect substitutes in the form of electronic contacts".

Work executed with funds from a grant by the City of Wrocław.


List of performances:


25 October

Wrocław (PL), Aula Ossolineum, International Conference Souls and Funds

Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej, Szymon Bywalec – conductor, Paweł Hendrich – computer



28 kwietnia 2022


Photos by Dominika Hull