Metasolidus I for symphony orchestra (2005-07)

2 fl, 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 bsn | 2 tpt, 2 hrn, 2 trbn | 2 perc | 18 vln, 6 vl, 6 vc, 4 cb


Duration: 11’30”





The piece begins the cycle of two compositions – Metasolidus I and II. From Greek metá means “among”, “between”, “including” and from Latin solidus signifies something “permanent”, “durable”, “stable”. So, combination of these words should be translated as a form of a higher order, which is solid even if it’s build from various pieces.

In this work pitch, rhythmical and timbral material of two pieces – Diversicorium and Multivalentis – was a starting point in a very long process of transformation. The aim was to morph the original structure of chamber compositions to change it into the orchestral sonority and to blur the connection between initial pieces and a new one.  


List of performances:


19 February

Częstochowa (PL), Częstochowa Philharmonic Concert Hall

Symphony Orchestra of the Częstochowa Philharmonic, Monika Stefaniak – conductor 



16 February

Wrocław (PL), Wrocław Philharmonic Concert Hall, Musica Polonica Nova

Beethoven Academy Orchestra, Michał Dworzyński – conductor


Metasolidus I

27 kwietnia 2022