Exophor for Chinese instruments ensemble (2015)

bamboo flute, sheng, pipa, sanxian, daruan, guzheng, yangqin, percussion, tenor banhu, zhonghu, piano


Duration: 9’00”





The title of the composition consists of two sections. Exo- means "external" and -phor comes from a Greek -phoros ("wearing") or phorá ("wear"). Exophor means “wearing something external". In the composer's intention, the title refers to the confrontation of two cultures: Chinese and European, and the work itself is to be a transfer of modernist models of European compositional techniques to the background of Chinese music. In other words, traditional instruments are supposed to "carry" something "outside", performing unusual music for them. The same concerns instrumentation of the piece. There are Chines instruments but also grand piano, which represents the European tradition. They mix together creating the sound and timbre of the work.

Commissioned by the Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra. 


List of performances:


22 November

Beijing (CN), The Beijing Concert Hall

The Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra, Liu Shun – conductor



29 października 2015