Alopopulo for chamber orchestra, violin and computers (2014)

fl, ob, cl, bsn | tpt, hrn, trbn, tba | 2 perc | acc, el gtr, hrp, pno | solo vln | vln 1, vln 2, vl, vc, cb | comp


Duration: 15’15”





The generative system used in this work was created at the Audiovisual Technology Centre (CeTA) by a team headed by Dariusz Jackowski. The scientific consultant was Piotr Posacki from the Wrocław University, with the participation of the composer. 

The software is based on mathematic modeling of several variables (Greek alo-) of population (Latin population). This data is transformed into sound material. Generated in real time, sound sets adapt to the soloist and orchestra, based on the composer’s aesthetic and technical premises. 

The composition follows the art & science trend of combining exact sciences with art. 

The concertante violin part includes some free aleatoric fragments, emphasising the virtuosity of Adam Bałdych. 

Project co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland within the programme „Collections” – the priority „Composition Commissions” implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance. 

Commissioned by the Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej.



Metaforma, DUX, Ensemble Modern, Clemens Heil – conductor


List of performances:


11 October

Katowice (PL), NOSPR Concert Hall

Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej, Szymon Bywalec – conductor, Adam Bałdych – violin



5 October 

Wrocław (PL), Aula Leopoldinum, World Music Days 2014

Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej, Szymon Bywalec – conductor, Adam Bałdych – violin, Dariusz Jackowski – generative system, Paweł Hendrich – audio computer



16 września 2014